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Hey! I'm Matt and thanks so much for checking out my work. You even made it all the way to my about page, nice! l was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI where my fascination with light began when I was around 4 years old, my dad would project this magical beam of light from his hand that I would chase all around our living room. He had me convinced it was his superpower, but in reality, it was just the sun reflecting off of his wristwatch. My obsession with cameras came soon after when I got into skating and started taking photos and eventually filming and editing videos to share our adventures. Scouting obstacles to perform a trick for a part in a video progressed into studying a location for the best light and composition to tell the overall story, and I really love that process. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2013 with a concentration in cinematography and began working in the film industry shooting commercials, music videos, and narrative projects. In 2014, I decided I had seen enough midwest winters and moved to Los Angeles where I've been chasing light with a camera ever since. Outside of filmmaking, I enjoy the outdoors (camping, hiking, snowboarding, and just about anything with wheels) playing folk music on my banjo, and photography (Todd Hido, Alex Webb, Diane Arbus, and Robert Frank are some of my favorites). Filmmaking is such a collaborative medium and I love the process of working together with so many talented individuals to tell stories. I really love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything. Let's make something!


P: (312) 953-3303


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